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    “Man is by nature a political animal”

    Our aim is:

    • To develop a critical awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes.
    • To acquire knowledge and understanding of the structures of authority and power within the political systems of the UK and USA.
    “Politics is the ability to foretell what will happen tomorrow, next month, and next year – and to explain afterward why it didn’t happen”
    Winston Churchill

    Teachers in the Politics Department:

    • Miss E. Suter, Head of History & Politics
    • Mr A. Petty, History & Politics teacher
    • Mr S. Mulhall, History & Politics teacher
    • Miss K. Main, History & Politics teacher

    Email the department:

    6th Form
    The department follows the AQA Government and Politics GCE AS and A level specification.

    Lower Sixth AS Award 1151

    Each paper represents 50% of the AS marks and 25% of the A2 marks.

    Unit 1: GOVP1
    People, Politics and Participation, 1 hour 30 minutes written examination.

    Unit 2: GOVP2
    Governing Modern Britain, 1 hour 30 minutes written examination.

    Upper Sixth A2 Award 2151

    Each paper represents 25% of the A level marks.

    Unit 3: GOV3A
    The Politics of the USA, 1 Hour 30 minutes written examination

    Unit 4: GOV4A
    The Government of the USA, 1 Hour 30 minutes written examination.

    Other Information
    Most of the students go on to university, many to study politics or a related subject. The department has had many successful Oxbridge entrants (mainly PPE - Oxford and SPS – Cambridge.)

    The politics students tend to play a leading role in the sixth form debating society and are usually selected to represent the school e.g. the European Youth Parliament, the Rotary Club International Youth Speaks competition and the Mock Council of the European Union.

    “Politics is interested in you, even if you are not interested in politics”